How to get free or cheap things in Cork city

Patrick street, the main street in Cork
Patrick street, the main street in Cork
Patrick street, the main street in Cork

Cork is a beautiful city in the South of Ireland, and if you are lucky enough to be here on a sunny day you will find the city just buzzing with people having pints or coffee outside, hanging out in parks or sitting on benches on the riverside boardwalk.

According to the people of Cork, it is the real capital of Ireland, and I tend to agree. While I might get a kick up the arse from some people for saying this, Cork is just so much more pleasant than Dublin. Check out my guide to things to do in the city of Cork if you are here for a limited time. Or, if you are in the area or a few days, be sure to explore the stunning Cork county and see all the beauty of West Cork. See my top 10 things to do in Cork county here.

Cork has recently risen as a foodie capital of Ireland, and for a good reason too. There are numerous fantastic, modern, creative, good quality restaurants and pubs in this city. Check out my ultimate guide on food and drink in Cork city here.

Here is my top tips for getting free or cheap things such as drinks, food, etc. when you are in Cork.

  1. Pure Cork app.

This app is fantastic, and actually gives you a free pint of Murphy’s in participating pubs. In case you don’t know, Murphy’s is a local stout, similar to Guinness, and can only be found in Cork area. I myself am not a beer drinker, therefore can’t really offer an opinion, but from what I heard from many people, Murphy’s is actually better and much smoother than Guinness. The app gives you one free pint when you download it, and you have 5 days to redeem it. Just check the list of participating pubs (which is quite long and includes some of the very popular bars in the city), go to the pub of your choosing, and tell the bar tender that you have the Pure Cork app. They will then give you the code that you will need to enter in the app, and just like that, you get a free pint! Just make sure you have downloaded the app beforehand. You will also need to be connected to the Internet in order to redeem the pint. Luckily most pubs in Ireland have free WiFi!

2. Mocal app.

This is another great app that gives you various discounts in bars, cafes and restaurants in the city. Some of the offers include “buy one get one free” on drinks in popular bars such as Electric, as well as discounts on cocktails and food in many other venues.

Having a drink by the river, outside of the Electric bar – one of the nicest spots to enjoy your beverage on a warm day!

3.  EDD app.

Offers similar special deals in popular bars and nightclubs of Cork, though the bar selection is not as great, and there are more restrictions on how and when you can use those deals.

4. Free food Friday.

Some bars, such as The Sextant and Goldberg’s, do free food every Friday, starting from 6pm, for an hour. Sextant does different foods, such as fish and chips, burgers, and sometimes even a whole roasted pig (normally this would be limited to one serving per person), while Goldberg’s serve lovely appetizers (not limited, but they frequently run out before the hour is up). So our trick is to go to Sextant at 6:00 and have their free food with a pint, and then to move on to Goldberg’s and have their free appetizers till they run out. Dinner for the night sorted!

5. Bars’ Special Offers.

Some other bars offer special deals and competitions, for example Sober Lane, where every Wednesday you can challenge the bar tender to Rock Paper Scissors for a pint, or get a pint and a pizza for only 10 euro on Mondays. Check out my more comprehensive guide to Cork pubs here.

Let me know what you think guys, if you have any tips on how to get things for free or cheap in Cork city, leave me a comment below!

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