10 Best Beer Gardens in Cork City

Summer is definitely here in full force and what can be better on a warm Saturday evening than to relax outside on a patio with a pint (or seven) and enjoy the sun.

Here is the Russian Spy’s list of best beer gardens in Cork city.

1. Electric – located in a beautiful art deco building on South Mall, this bar offers fantastic food and even better views of the river. The patio is located right on the boardwalk, however a lot of people just grab a pint and sit right on the lawn outside of the pub if all the patio tables are taken. Because Cork is chill like that.





2. SoHo – Located in the heart of the city center on Grand Parade, this bar has it all – great atmosphere, live music at the weekend followed by a DJ and dancing late at night, sports on big screen TV’s, awesome food (Sunday brunch, do I need to say more?!), huge cocktail menu, and even a roof top terrace with gorgeous views of the city.

Copyright: Emmet Curtin

3. Suas – cute and trendy bar located on South Main street, but what makes it really special is the large roof top terrace. That and the cocktails are pretty great too!


4. Deep South – featuring an amazing beer garden with a food truck serving BBQ food, this pub is located right in the heart of Cork city center on Grand Parade! Later at night the bar turns into a dance club so if you love dancing and super loud music, then you’re in the right place!


5. Vicarstown – this pub located on North Main street has more of a traditional and cozy feel to it, and the same goes for its beer garden.


6. Courtyard –  this award winning bar located on Sober lane, features a huge and very contemporary outdoor patio, with BBQ food being their specialty. They have regular live music events as well as an in-house DJ.


7. Fionbarra’s – great pub located on Douglas street, featuring a large heated beer garden. Very popular with the locals and visitors alike.


8. Tom Barry’s – located in the older part of Cork (Barrack street), this is one of the oldest and most historic bars in the city. Definitely a very traditional place, with a cozy fireplace inside, and a great beer garden outside. Pop in and enjoy home made pizzas and tapas.


9. Franciscan Well – a pub that’s also a microbrewery, it features an awesome beer garden, great craft beers, home made pizza, as well as live music and trad sessions (traditional Irish music) played every Tuesday and Thursday.


10. The Sextant – located on the Docks, an area that has seen a lot of revitalization and gentrification in the recent years, the Sextant is definitely one of the greatest pubs in Cork! Two words – free food! Yes, every Friday they serve free food (varies every week) from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. They also have other awesome things like live DJ at the weekend, stone oven home made pizzas, BBQ, Sunday brunch and much more!


Cheers, or as they say in Ireland, Slante! Russian Spy over and out!

Let me know if you have been to any of these and what did you think? Are there any other great pubs that should be added to this list?



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