Photo Shoot at Mallow Castle

Not too long ago, I did a photo shoot with a very good friend of mine at one of Cork’s lesser known castles – Mallow castle. It is located right in Mallow town, about 30 minute drive from Cork. Mallow has a very rich history, and is a quaint little place, perfect for a leisurely afternoon stroll. If you are ever in Cork for more than just a few days, put Mallow town and castle on your list of places to visit, it’s definitely worth it! They are two castles in fact, that are located right next to each other, an old castle (which is a ruin) and a new castle – which is very well maintained inside and out. Both are beautiful in their own unique way. The castles can be visited at any time and the entrance is free.


The best part of the photo shoot was wearing the stunning dresses from Obviously, every proper spy needs some gorgeous outfits in her wardrobe! I’m all about clothes that don’t just look good but also are affordable and comfortable. These dresses tick all those boxes. Except that my boob fell out in the middle of us shooting, which is not something you ever want to happen. Luckily, both of us being professional adults, we had a great laugh about it and continued on with the shoot. Boob free this time.

Here are some other beautiful dresses that I would definitely take on a mission.

Check out few photos from our visit below. And no, boob picture is not included!

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