10 Most instagrammable locations of the world and gorgeous dresses to go with them.

If you spend any significant time on Instagram these days, you have seen those amazing photos of pretty girls in floaty romantic dresses posing candidly in front of an iconic site. Those dresses, while beautiful, certainly don’t look like something a real traveller would ever consider wearing as it would be just plain uncomfortable. I mean, I can barely make it down the stairs in a maxi dress without fearing for my life, let alone climb up and down the mountains.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. Beautiful dresses can be comfortable just as they are stunning. So here is my list of the world’s most instagrammable locations matched with gorgeous dresses that will set your Instagram page on fire.

  1. Lavender Fields741515ea71356e63eed376fc3130f410--lavender-fields-france-provence-lavender
    No proper Instagram page is complete without a photo of you frolicking in a field of gorgeous purple flowers, wearing a beautiful dress. Go for colours that would pop on purple background, such as white or bright yellow. These dresses would be a perfect match:


  2. Eiffel Towere4855f0b0b9c76bb12eda50f796c5b92Paris is considered the most romantic city in the world, so choose colours that reflect that, such as pink or lilac. These dresses will look stunning in front of Eiffel Tower or on the Parisienne  streets:


  3. Peggy Porschen Cake shop, LondonPeggy-Porschen-Cakes-by-The-Athenian-Girl-20Perhaps the most instagrammed cake shop in the world, Peggy Porschen Cakes features a pretty pink facade embellished with flowers. It is located in posh Belgravia area of London that is definitely worth a visit when in the UK’s capital. Avoid wearing all pink  when planning taking photos in front of the shop, as you will risk blending with the walls. Instead, choose colors that will complement the facade, like these dresses here:


  4. Santorini, GreeceSantorini-GreeceWith its iconic white wash little houses, bright blue roofs set against mountainous scenery and the striking blue sea, Santorini is definitely a must for any Instagram account (it is definitely very high on my list of places to visit!) Go for bold bright colours that will complement your surroundings – royal blue or red will look especially good. These beauties would definitely complement your Santorini photos nicely:


  5. Amalfi Coast, ItalyAmalfi-Coast-Campania-ItalyI simply love Italy! I don’t think there is a part of this country that is not stunningly pretty! And Amalfy coast takes the crown in the Italian prettiness competition, IMO. The place is bursting with colour, so embrace that when it comes to your choice of outfit. A beautiful flowery pattern dress will also work really well.


  6. NYCFashion-Week-OutfitsNew York is famous for its unique and edgy style when it comes to fashion, so channel that in your clothes choice when instagramming in the Big Apple. Be edgy and rock’n’roll like the city itself. Go for black, white (or black and white), grey colours or vertical stripes. See some beautiful outfit ideas below. And yes, I know jumpsuits are not dresses. But they are trendy right now and look cool AF.


  7. Venicevenice_0Not much needs to be said about this town! It’s a fairy tale and a truly magical place. You need a dress that will match that magic and will be perfect for either riding a gondola or getting lost in the labyrinth of tiny streets and canals. Check out these stunning dresses that will make your Venice trip even more magical.
  8. Havana, CubahavanaThe country is just opening up to the US travelers so now is the best time to explore this Caribbean island. Havana is a city that will truly take you back in time. Enjoy brightly coloured everything – buildings, old classic cars, people’s clothes,  street art, etc. Cuban capital is a perfect place to experiment with colour – go for bold bright yellows, blues, greens, purples and pinks.


  9. Cappadocia, Turkeycappadocia-toursCappadocia is an amazing place with out of this world landscape. I’m sure everyone has seen those beautiful sunset photos with the hot air balloons in the sky. Check out these gorgeous dresses that would complement the scene perfectly.


  10. Gateway to Heaven, Bali


Pura Lempuyang or Gateway to Heaven is an amazing temple (or rather a temple complex) in Bali, Indonesia. Be prepared to climb some 1700 steps, but I promise, you will be rewarded with heavenly views! You will certainly need a dress beautiful enough to match those views, but very comfy to make sure you can climb those steps without tripping over it.


You can shop all these gorgeous dresses here

And for the final word of advice on what to wear when travelling to these and other places – wear whatever the hell you want, as long as you feel comfortable and confident wearing it!

Let me know what you think guys. What kind of clothes do you like wearing when travelling? Do you prefer comfort over style? Or are you willing to sacrifice being comfortable in order to get that perfect shot?


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